Web Based Dispatch Management

Easy Load Entry
It all begins here. MYSTC trucking software can simplify your load entry tasks. With our new interface, load data can be easily entered to reflect all of the necessary information you require to get a load moving to its destination. Coupled with the specific design to place your current active loads in one available area, load entry, alterations and monitoring becomes convenient and efficient. No longer will you have to jump from one screen to another or file to file. From this section of our software you will easily be able to enter, alter, view, update and track load information and its status as you see fit.

Active load screen - mystc trucking software


Load Planner
MYSTC trucking software provides an enhanced load planner for dispatchers. This will allow dispatchers to plan out and schedule their work week ahead of time. Loads can be assigned multiple trucks across multiple time frames in advance. From this screen, dispatchers will have the ability to view workloads by truck or driver and assign available loads based on the visible availability. Simply drag and drop the available load to the appropriate day and equipment.

  Load Planner - mystc trucking software


Dispatch Invoicing
We have advanced MYSTC's invoicing capabilities in many ways. Know that all of these new features are readily available for dispatch management to utilize. This ability reduces time spent trying to move from screen to screen and gives you effective access and control over your invoicing needs. Please click here for more information about MYSTC's invoicing features and how its web based integration can enhance your productivity.


With payroll access virtually at their fingertips, your dispatch management team can make sure your drivers are paid accurately and on-time. You can determine a driver's rate of pay, for example, per mile or as a percentage of the load. Once it has been decided, enter the correct parameters in the driver file. The MYSTC trucking software then will calculate the rate of pay based on the driver setup and loads to which he or she is assigned. Should you need to make any additions or adjustments, this can easily be done within driver settlements.


Mobile App
It is important that you and your drivers have multiple access points of communication. MYSTC trucking software now comes with the capability to communicate with your drivers through a mobile application. With this feature, should the need arise, your dispatch management team will always have the ability to contact or transmit data to your drivers. Dispatchers will have full capability to enter or alter loads and other vital data and send this information to the driver through the mobile app. On the reverse end, the driver will also be able to update the load, upload documents and suggest status changes to the dispatcher keeping them apprised of updates. This will reduce down time and help your drivers get back on the road as quickly as possible.

mystc app 1 - mystc trucking software
mystc app 4 - mystc trucking software












Detailed Reports for Business Management
It is vital that you can view your company's progress and all of the facets associated with those details. MYSTC software comes with the ability to create these detailed reports covering a wide range of data fields. Never again will you have to worry about manually tracking your important business data from which you need to make important business decisions.


Note that loads can be imported via EDI Integration