Mobile Applications

Mobile Apps
With each passing year the world moves faster and faster and is becoming more interconnected through technological advances. We realize you need to keep your interests mobile and accessible. That is why we have created our trucking software with the MYSTC mobile applications for phones and tablets for your convenience. These applications allow inter-company communication, updates, information sharing and much more to keep you productive and efficient.


Driver App: Enables your drivers to be more efficient and productive. This app saves time by enabling drivers to update their status, communicate directly with dispatch, odometer readings, find truck stops, fuel prices and repair facilities just to name a few. Basically all of the necessary dispatch information is visible to the driver on this app. Another great feature available through the app is that dispatch will have the capability to see the driver's current position and route.

Drivers will also be able to use the app to take photos of all necessary documents (bill of ladings, scale tickets, freight claims, etc.) and upload them for administrative purposes. They can also view their settlements and payroll.


Administrative App: Enables dispatch and other administrative employees to effectively enter and update loads, create invoices, dispatch loads quickly and efficiently, communicate with drivers, and much more. All in all, fleet management becomes a simplified task through the administrative app.


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