Easily generate an invoice from a load
MYSTC trucking software has many facets that make running your business a productive and efficient venture. One of these facets that we have made as easy as possible is invoice generation. Your loads require precise information to be created, tracked and accessible by you. MYSTC trucking software maintains this precision from your initial load creation to final delivery. All relevant information, from client data to shipper/consignee to load description and details, is kept readily available and when you need to generate that invoice, it is ready to go customizable with whatever data you see fit to create.


Upload all supporting documents
It is essential that the record keeping of each load you haul is thorough and easily accessible. We have created within the MYSTC trucking software environment, a secure, private, digital storage area for all of your documentation. This is free at no additional cost to you. Each invoice you create can have the appropriate documentation attached to it for ease of reference for you and your customers. To facilitate and build upon this feature we have given you the capability to create client folders as well as store all of your documentation for each load. You can also customize and layout each folder to make your workflow and data access work according to your needs. With its online capabilities, should you need to access or show documentation while on the road, know that the data is readily available anytime for any situation.


Print, email or fax directly from MYSTC
Communication with your clients is essential and on many occasions needs to be quick and efficient, even if you are on the road. To help you cover the technological bases, MYSTC trucking software offers this capability in 3 different formats: print, email or fax. At times, technology can be unpredictable and you need to be able to adapt under those situations. Know that with MYSTC, you will be able to send any relevant data in any given situation to your clients using whatever format fits their needs the best.


QuickBooks Integration
We realize you may have the need to keep your financial data in one area for taxes and accounting purposes. That is one reason we created our QuickBooks integration tool. Moving your invoices from MYSTC to QuickBooks has never been easier. With our integration tool you can transfer your data quickly and accurately for all of your financial needs. We also have a QuickBooks specialist on staff to answer any questions you may have.


Complete EDI Integration Capability Available


Invoicing Screen - mystc trucking software