Driver Settlements

Easy Payroll 
It is imperative that your drivers are paid accurately and on-time. MYSTC trucking software gives you the capability to set up a driver's pay by percentage, mile, salary or by the hour. This is turn simplifies the payroll process and makes it easy and efficient to get your drivers paid. Once you have decided on a pay structure enter the correct parameters in the driver file. The MYSTC trucking software then will calculate the rate of pay based on the driver setup and loads to which he or she is assigned. Whether they are W2 drivers or 1099 contractors, processing driver settlements in MYSTC is a seamless task.


Advances / Reimbursements
Never again miss a driver advance or reimbursements. With MYSTC, driver advances, fuel purchases, fees from fuel card and other expenses can be set up and logged as deductions where applicable so driver settlements remain accurate. Easily set up escrow payments, loans, reoccurring deductions, expenses, per diems, or create reimbursements to a driver based on receipts. For your convenience we have created a driver settlement screen in which will appear all driver pay, cash advances, deductions, fuel purchases and other data related to your driver's settlement. Should you need to make any additions or adjustments, this can easily be done within the driver settlement environment.


Fuel Cards
It is relatively common for a company to incorrectly apply or miss altogether cash advances or fuel purchases that were made with the driver's fuel card. MYSTC software integrates with most major fuel cards. This feature allows you to link the fuel card to the driver and then all of the information is imported into the settlement automatically. With MYSTC trucking software in the driver's seat, errors and omissions are avoided.


Driver Settlement Documents
The driver settlement sheet can be styled with ease. Whatever data you have input can be displayed, printed or converted to a PDF. As with other environments within MYSTC, you can also add your company branding to the final output. At the click of a button you can have all the necessary settlement break downs displayed for your convenience; including but not limited to earnings, advances, per diems, reimbursements, deductions, loans and much more.

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