Document Storage and Management

We have created within the MYSTC trucking software environment, a secure, private, digital storage area for all of your documentation. This tool enables you to upload, store, send and manage documents in a digital format for each load, company or driver and thereby limiting your need to store documents in a hardcopy format. This in turn will cut down on time spent searching and filing. It will also create much needed physical space within your company as storage area can be reduced.

No matter the documents, whether it is driver qualifcation files, bill of ladings, scale tickets, repair and maintenance data, warranty information, truck purchase history, broker packets, etc., you can easily store them all online and have access to them from any location on any device. Adding in the fact that you can print, email or fax these documents from your storage area, your operating efficiency will only increase as you grow.

Also, through the use of the MYSTC mobile app, drivers will have the capability to scan and send all documents electronically which will improve billing time, and increase overall productivity.


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