Activity Feeds and Alerts

While working within the MYSTC trucking software environment, it is critical that you are kept up to date on the important day to day operations inside your business. These updates can range across a wide array of important information that is stored digitally. MYSTC provides these vital notifications through the activity feeds and alert sections.


Activity Feeds
The activity feeds section offers real time updates through an inner office communication environment. Contained within the section, that is located at the bottom left of your screen, is a timeline of activity relating to loads and other data. Who is updating, what is being updated or what has been updated is the premise for the feed. Load creation, status updates, and document uploads are but a few activities that will show up in the activity feed. This section is available on any screen within MYSTC trucking software.

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The alerts section is accessible via a series of icons located at the top of the screen. They inform each user that there are important messages that need to be addressed. The time sensitive data involves notifications regarding expirations for medical cards, drivers licenses, and truck tags to name a few. Other important notifications involve messages from drivers, fuel data and transactions imports. This is just a short list of critical reminders that are accessible through the alerts section pertaining to your internal data. Save time and increase your productivity by removing the need to go through each file or track time sensitive data manually.