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There is no argument that small trucking companies are revolutionizing the transportation industry. In a $700 billion dollar industry, with over a 90% representation, small trucking companies are taking America’s transportation infrastructure to the next level. With that in mind, in order to stay competitive, increase and maintain your influence and market share, small trucking companies must not only evolve into the future but lead the way with the technological innovations available. In such a diverse, resource rich business environment, these innovations can and will give you the necessary edge to meet the challenges all small trucking companies must face day to day. In an everchanging, overregulated industry, it is important to utilize leading edge technology that is vital to your continued success and growth for your trucking company.

First introduced in 2003, MYSTC has led the way in an internet driven business world and economy to enable small trucking companies to compete side by side with larger corporations. Albert Einstein stated that “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Over the years, as the exclusive trucking software vendor for NASTC (The National Association of Small Trucking Companies), MYSTC has evolved into a formidable driving force of technology. MYSTC software was created from a need expressed to NASTC from its members. Dispatchers and office managers of small fleets were struggling to manage the multi-layered responsibilities of trucking. Now, MYSTC has become the premier Transportation Management Software (TMS) for many trucking companies across the country. MYSTC software demonstrates our commitment to you and your company to be as creative, insightful and systematic as possible into solving the problems the transportation industry presents to small trucking companies. Now with MYSTC 2.0, we have listened to your needs and implemented even more enhancements using a modern platform and programming language to harness the power of ever-developing technology.


Here are is a list of some of the new improvements coming to MYSTC 2.0:

IFTA oversight and management (Interstate Fuel Tax Agreement)

Improved load entry and payroll

Advanced QuickBooks integration

Advanced fuel card integration

Driver and Administrative mobile applications

Unique customizable options depending on your needs

Complete library of training and tutorial videos


These are just a few of the enhancements that we have developed and implemented in order for you to have the tools and productivity necessary to manage your trucking company successfully. MYSTC 2.0 has been designed and developed by not only those who have worked with the transportation industry, but also those who have successfully owned and operated their own small trucking companies. This broad developmental experience has given MYSTC 2.0 all the necessary elements to enable you and your small trucking company to have the leading edge. Inside the trucking industry, each day is different: new loads, new clients, new routes. MYSTC 2.0 reduces/minimizes paperwork, duplicate entry/information, and allows customization of manual processes unique to each company.

We have a knowledgeable staff with decades of experience in trucking, software and QuickBooks. That experience, along with seamless integrations and customizable documents, provides you with the tools to manage your small business in a professional manner.  We believe in a straight forward scalable cost structure that makes MYSTC software affordable for any enterprise, regardless of size. The MYSTC trucking software keeps data routed in the correct sequence, from load to load and truck to truck which enables you to run your reports, pay your drivers and pay taxes accurately and on-time.

We realize that efficiency and profitability are at the forefront of your day to day needs. We have also invested significant time and resources into the training of our sales force and customer support staff so they can help you identify critical areas of your company where MYSTC 2.0 can be applied as a vital solution to your growth and stability.

In essence, MYSTC 2.0 is the tip of the spear in managing your small trucking company. Know that with your drive and our software, you and your trucking company will be as lean, efficient and successful as you see fit. MYSTC 2.0 enables exponential and manageable growth. Your time is valuable, let’s get started.